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Monday, July 9, 2012

new trends in maths

For those aspiring to pursue mathematics at the undergraduate level from the upcoming academic year starting July, the Delhi University (DU) have a range of options to choose from. About 900 seats in total are being offered across colleges in the DU for undergraduate programmes in mathematics.

According to B K Dass, head of department, mathematics, DU, the subject, in the 21st century has gained immense importance. Since technology — essentially computing — has pervaded all aspects of modern society, the use of mathematics and its popularity, have increased enormously.

"Over the last few years, the number of students opting for mathematics has increased. Financial mathematics, mathematical physics, linear programming and games theory are some of the popular combination programmes amongst students," he says.

Dass believes that a large number of students are interested in game theory since it is an emerging industry with tremendous growth prospects. The subject is popular amongst students as it opens avenues for developing applications. Besides, a number of upcoming game development companies require candidates with strong mathematical skills as they need to work on algorithms to develop applications.

Knowledge of maths is applied in all fields of work, from creating software systems to the field of investigation in areas like brain mapping, in lie-detector machines, fingerprinting, etc. Also, in art, the application of maths has become important for preservation of historic sculptures, paintings and works of ancient artists.

A lot of avenues have opened for mathematics students, opines Rita Malhotra, faculty, mathematics, Kamla Nehru College. "In today's world students are more career-oriented and are interested in developing applications. With more computing and tactical introduced in every field, mathematics is becoming popular amongst students. Besides, having the subject knowledge helps develop decision-making skills of students."

Mathematical finance is a new branch in India with a number of options for maths graduates to get into. Students can make career in game applications, banking, insurance, actuarial sciences, research labs, MNCs or go for an MCA or even management, explains Malhotra.


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